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Privacy Statement & Disclaimer

By accessing our website, you assume all of the risk associated with using it. In no event will Childress Insurance Agency, its successors, officers, employees or agents be liable to you and or anyone else for any harm or losses to you resulting from the use of this website and or the use of the information obtained on this site, including but not limited to damages to computer software, hardware or destruction of data due to a virus, personal or business financial loss.

You are asked to provide personal information at certain locations on this website in order to obtain insurance quotes. Although you are not required to provide such personal information, you do agree that the personal information may be disclosed to Childress Insurance Agency employees for legitimate business reasons. We have and will continue to make every reasonable effort to keep the information obtained through this website confidential. Even though we subscribe to “Trustwave,” a leading provider of information security, protection of your personal information is not guaranteed. Childress Insurance Agency does not accept email giving instructions about your account including but not limited to an order to bind insurance coverage of any kind and other time sensitive instructions. We will not be liable for any act or failure to act based on an email message.

Compensation Disclosure Notice

We are compensated for our services by commissions from insurance companies and intermediaries (excess and surplus lines brokers, wholesale brokers and similar organizations) with whom we have agency or intermediary agreements.

From time to time, we may also receive payments from insurers based on incentive or contingent factors that are not client specific, which means that the payments are not directly related to your or other client accounts. These factors may include the size of our overall book of business with an insurer as well as persistency or retentiveness and performance from an underwriting standpoint. We generally do not know, nor does the insurer know, the amount of such payments, if any, until the underwriting year is closed.

You may pay your premium in full upon placement of your insurance, finance your premium through a bank or other financial institution of your choice, pay your premium on an installment basis with your insurer or we may assist you in financing your premium through a premium finance company. In the event that we assist you in arranging for the financing of your premium, we may charge you a small fee to help cover our expense for the extra paperwork and time involved. We charge $25 to rewrite a policy that has been cancelled for nonpay. We also charge $25 to write a policy for a client that has let his insurance run out and has no coverage in force.

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