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Commercial Auto Insurance

If your business uses a vehicle, or many vehicles, you need commercial auto insurance. You will want to provide your agent all of the details about how the vehicle/vehicles are used. For example; Is the vehicle used for business as well as personal use? What is the farthest distance that you will drive one way on a regular basis? Who will be driving the vehicle? Do some of your employees use their own vehicles for company work and travel? How is the vehicle titled?

Your personal auto policy will exclude coverage for commercial use of your vehicle. A commercial policy will establish a definition of commercial use as well. It is important that you read the definition and discuss this with your insurance agent. If there is any question, it is better to obtain a commercial auto policy so that, in case of an accident, there is no chance of being uninsured.

Certain businesses must adhere to federal and state regulatory requirements in the operations of their vehicles. For example, if your business will be hauling cargo interstate, there are specific Department of Transportation requirements for insurance that must be met. Also, if you will be delivering or hauling for others or using other's equipment such as leased trailers or rental equipment, you will need hired or non-owned vehicle coverage.

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We understand that you may have questions about the type of coverage that may be right for you. Our friendly agents, here at Childress Insurance Agency, will answer your questions and search our companies to find you the best rate. Contact us today or call 501.941.1148 to learn more about your options or to get a free commercial auto insurance quote.

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