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Wedding Protection With Travelers Wedding Insurance

According to most wedding planners, the typical time spent by a couple for a formal type of wedding ceremony and reception can easily be in excess of 300 hours. Even a more casual and relaxed type of wedding usually required in excess of 100 hours of planning, and even then, there may seem to be not enough hours in the day to get everything done.

Travelers Wedding Insurance Coverage Provides Peace of Mind

Unfortunately, despite the best plans, it is possible for issues to occur. To protect the investment of your time and money for this special day, a Travelers Wedding Insurance policy provides protection and peace of mind. These policies can be customized to provide the amount and type of coverage specific to your Cabot, AR, wedding day plans.

As your Travelers Wedding Insurance broker, Childress Insurance Agency can create the ideal wedding insurance policy for your special occasion. This includes wedding cancellation insurance, as well as coverage for a range of different issues such as wedding photographs and videos, lost deposits, wedding gift coverage, and even wedding liability insurance.

We are also able to provide insurance for destination weddings. This is very helpful in the event that you arrive at your destination location to find there are problems, complications, or issues that may result in additional costs. With insurance coverage and support from our experienced insurance brokers, we can work to resolve these types of issues quickly and effectively.

For more information on our Travelers Wedding Insurance coverage, or for information on wedding insurance quotes, contact our insurance agents in Cabot, AR, today.


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